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Clifton Performance Theatre

Clifton Performance Theatre / Clifton Players is the lead organization of The Liberty.


Once upon a time in the village of Clifton... the city of Cincinnati, there was a talented actress with a dream of starting her own theatre.

The Clifton Players and Clifton Performance Theatre was founded by Artistic Director, Carol Brammer.

Carol’s skills on stage and teaching youth are well-known in the greater Cincinnati theatre community, and beyond.

Clifton Performance Theatre's 9 year youth programs have proven very successful with helping young people grow in their social skills and theatrical talent.


Classes with Cpt at The Liberty

"Telling the truth": The Meisner Technique for children. A series of acting exercises. Ages 10-15.

Walking away from this class your child will be a stronger actor and   a more self-aware human being.  Student use monologues and scene studies and improvisation games to unlock the imagination, memorize text and understand the relationship between listening and storytelling.


Treasure Chest Theatre. Ages 3-7. Saturday 10am-11am, 6 weeks.

Our treasure trunk provides a  focus for each class, concealing something mysterious and exciting. We open the trunk to discover the items that inspires that day’s adventure in theater. We will create characters and develop a story to act out each class time. Students learn stage terms and technique,how to be an  ensemble and use their voices, bodies and imaginations.


Musical Theater Lab. Ages 9-15. Meeting twice a week for an hour and a half.

This class is designed to have the students create an original work including the storyline and characters.  With our Director and play write's  guidance the students will contribute their own creative ideas and talents.

Within our 6 weeks we will write and perform  our very own musical theatre production. In addition to the writing and acting exercises the students focus will include improvisation, singing and dancing, crafting props and sets construction.

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Artistic Director, Carol Brammer

513.813.SHOW (7469)

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