The Liberty

Improv Cincinnati

Improv Cincinnati is The Liberty's resident improv troupe!


Improv Cincinnati's purpose is to lift spirits and inspire individual and team growth.

Improv Cincinnati delivers professional team building experiences, teaches fun and uplifting classes, and produces high quality theatrical improv performances.

Our Values

- Exemplify Yes, and...
- We're all family
- Giving our best effort, onstage and off

Our Improv Touchstones

  • Positivity: We infuse our performances with joy. We treat our students with kindness. Our events create an afterglow of happiness.
  • Vulnerability: We encourage students to risk failure. We embrace courageous leaps and daring greatly.
  • Presence: We develop and build the skills of mindfulness and active listening. 
  • Truth: We strive for emotional truth, authentically inspired characters, and patient comedic choices.
  • Playfulness: We create a spirit of fun and play.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals

  1. National recognition for excellence in personal and professional development training. 
  2. Local recognition as the finest improv classes in Cincinnati.
  3. Peer recognition for high quality performances.


(513) 900-1110

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